Why Choose Stephen

Stephen’s skills in Sales and Networking training are unmatched in the direct sales industry. His diverse background along with over 30 years of experience give him the ability to help you increase your sales faster than you thought possible.

Stephen has invented the formula for success in sales; 3c = M2 Formula. We know this is a Bold Statement but it is 100% True. This proven formula will virtually guarantee your success. When Stephen coaching a person or a team of people, his #1 focus is to help them master the 3C=M2 Formula.

Stephen is also the Master of holding people accountable to their activity so they can produce results. Stephen has invented the Daily Activity Tracker Book. This simple activity tracking system can help sales people increase their sales by more than 200%.

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Top Producer Mindset

Top Producer Mindset

Becoming a PRO

Becoming a PRO

Overcome Your Fears

Overcome Your Fears

Lead Attraction System

Lead Attraction System

Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills

Follow Up Techniques

Follow Up Techniques

Closing Strategies

Closing Strategies

Team Development System

Team Development System

Multiple Streams of Income

Multiple Streams of Income

Developing Your System

Developing Your System

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Years in Sales


Stephen Gregg’s dynamic delivery and illuminating, informative approach on stage or in person will inspire your sales team to take action. Stephen’s speaking style is direct but not offensive, raw but always clean, real from personal experience and funny but classy. His unique style motivates, inspires and hits straight at the points that a person needs to build their business. Stephen is sometime described as “effective”, “intense,” “fun,” “direct, “honest,” and “life changing.” Stephen has his audiences learning, crying and laughing all in the same day.


Stephen invented the Formula for Success in Sales; 3C = M2 Formul. This proven formula when Implemented can virtually guarantee success.


Since Stephen started so far back on the success ladder, he has the unique ability to take anyone and help them overcome their fears, increase their personal confidence and grow into a sales superstar.


Stephen has created a World Class Sales and Marketing training platform called Direct Sales Coaching Academy. It is comprised of two different types of training. 1. Direct Sales, Network Marketing style training and Corporate Style training. Together this training platform is an amazing system to increase productivity.


With over 30 years in direct selling on straight commission, Stephen has the unique ability to look at a sales organization, see the weaknesses and give you the exact formula and techniques to solve the problems to increase sales.


Stephen has trained and spoken to hundreds of audiences including corporate, regional and national conventions. He is flexible in his approach so he can come to your office, he can speak at live events, host webinars or conference calls. No matter what the need is; Stephen can handle it.



Marketing Consulting

We create innovative and creative marketing strategies and effective brand designs and we can also rebrand established businesses that are in need of a fresh new look.

Our marketing and branding process includes:

  • Initial one-on-one marketing strategy session
  • Marketing Plan and Goal Setting
  • Target Marketing Planning
  • Brand identity and Planning
  • Implementation strategy
  • Automation strategy and design

Our traditional Launch Program includes everything a startup needs to succeed, from branding and business strategy to marketing and web development. We will take your idea from idea to profit in no time flat.

We give you everything necessary to make your company stand out from the crowd.

“Stephen Gregg is the REAL DEAL. His vast business experience and knowledge base in the industry of sales and network marketing makes him a highly sought after trainer. Stephen is masterful in his down to earth training style that leverages his ability to share real life experiences.
I have gone through 30+ of Stephen’s training and every single time I walked out inspired, with fresh insights, new skills and useful tools to immediately implement in my business.”
I had the fantastic opportunity to attend Stephen Gregg’s Business Builders Boot Camp program, he has shifted my thoughts in to a new personal growth and is directing my business ventures in to an abundant possibilities to success, with his generous professional guidance and loyal follow ups I am managing to stay focus and enjoying the challenges of my business.
I already see huge changes in my present days, I QUIT SMOKING at my first time attending one of his free private events, conquered my fear to public speech and my finances started to prosper based on his invigorating
applied techniques. I highly recommend Stephen Gregg’s coaching, he is INSPIRING, EXTRAORDINARY and EXCITING! ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!
Stephen, I just want to thank you for your coaching.

After receiving your coaching at our Atlanta meeting, I made a call to a lady whose network marketing business had gone bankrupt. I asked if she was open to a business opportunity. I did a 3-way call with the president of the company. Lady signed up and within 3 weeks put in over $47,000.

Needless to say, your training has truly changed my business.

I finally know how to build my business because I know what the basics are thanks to your coaching and the Coaching Vault.

I am telling everyone about your training.

Thank you again.

Linda Smith
After 20 years in the same network marketing company, you’d think I knew how to build a network marketing business on purpose. But you’d be wrong. Our (my wife and my) success depended greatly on my wife’s ability not my own. However, she will tell you her worst fear was that she wouldn’t be able to help someone succeed who came into the business brand new.

We both knew we needed help in reestablishing our business model and formulating a new direction for our team. We just finished our 6th training with Stephen and I can tell you for the first time in my life, I am convinced that I can build a network marketing business. He teaches me things I never would or could have figured out on my own and, if I did, it would have taken me a long time and much trial and error to do it.

The impact on our team morale has been phenomenal. They see us working and teaching things we’ve never done or known to do before now. But more than that, we’re able to get the new people started correctly because we understand how to master the basics with the proper attitude and mentality then they can begin to make money in their spare time. None of this would have happened without Stephen’s influence.

If you’re considering hiring Stephen as your coach, don’t hesitate another minute. The value he brings to the table far exceeds the price he charges for his services. As he would tell you, I’m sure: You need to ask yourself how much is it going to costs you if you don’t hire him. For us, if you added up our lack of competency for the past 20 years, it costs us about 2.4 million dollars. By hiring Stephen, we defeated our incompetence and re-ignited the fire within us and our team. What more could you ask for from a coach than that?

Many blessings,

Matthew Phillips, Crown Presidential Director, First Fitness Nutrition
Stephen Gregg is a power coach. He employs simple techniques of engagement, empowerment and inspiration to start one on a path of transformation. A key factor with the success you achieve with

Stephen is his innate ability to focus on establishing your vision, mission and core values. He is an effective teacher, listens for understanding and will challenge you to play the game at full speed all the time.

You will discover the inner you, learn to take action, pause, reflect and stretch yourself to new levels of achievement.

Jay Massey
Stephen, thank you so much for your influence and training to turn me back around toward my goals and my dreams.

Your step by step training is a MUST for those who are seriously looking to become equipped with the mindset, the skills, and the system for building a Network Marketing Business.

Coming into this training after 20 years in the industry, my #1 fear was that I couldn’t help others become successful. I no longer have that fear, because you are teaching us a system that is duplicatable and usable for ALL to learn and do!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Debra Phillips, National Success Team, FirstFitness Nutrition
“When I first met Stephen Gregg he made a positive impression on me immediately. As I got to know him, I soon found out what an incredible coach and mentor he was. I remember sitting in an audience of 300 people who were hanging on every word he spoke. I couldn’t take notes fast enough. His ability to take the most complex business models and break them down into simple, coach-able, teachable and most importantly duplicate-able models was incredible to me.

It is because of Stephen Gregg that I am in the position I am in today. I use these techniques every day to show my sales team how to simplify their business and become more profitable.”

Linda Smith, Travis Prader – President, The Real Alliance
Dear Stephen,

There are no words to express my gratitude for presenting in ALPFA’s meeting today. Throughout the day students are expressing how brilliant and reveling your presentation was. I must said that you have a gift and thankfully that you are aware of it, because you are changing people’s life for good. The methodology and conclusions you carefully developed to clearly define our meaning as humans and members of society are simply amazing.

Thank you so very much for allowed us to have access of such as valuable information. I recognize how lucky we had been for having your debut presentation for college students. You are an absolute master in inspiring and motivating students. Thank you for been such as kind person and having the enthusiasm to help us.

Flavio Guzman, President, ALPFA CPP Chapter Cal Poly Pomona