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♠  The business world moves at a faster pace than most people have time to navigate. The complexities of transactions coupled with the ever increasing evolution of technology, adds elements of challenge to the life of anyone looking to gain ground on the marketplace. Sales professionals are the backbone of any company that wants to grow, stay competitive, and remain relevant. Stephen Gregg helps sales professionals of all backgrounds and levels of competency realize their potential with a tailor-made approach to needs assessment and solutions delivery.

I was stumbling through my sales career and each year was becoming more and more difficult for me due to the decreasing client list that I was assigned to manage.Stephen Gregg helped me to refine my approach to managing and building my customer base, and this enabled me to re-focus my efforts and effectively attract more customers to my business while reinforcing my sales team. Mr. Gregg applies basic fundamental principles of relationship-building, targeted sales practices and application methods, and self-development techniques that have helped me to brand myself in the marketplace. I have doubled my sales production within 6 months with the coaching I have received from Mr. Gregg, and I look forward to an amazing year of exponential growth to come.

I am grateful for the guidance I have received from Stephen Gregg, and I know that his methodology and sales philosophies will help many more sales professionals attain the levels of growth they desire mentally, and financially for years to come.

Thank you again Mr. Gregg.
Mark M.Financial Services Sales

Stephen Gregg is one of the best sales trainers in the world. He not only showed me how to improve my sales but really how to use my why to expand my results in a big way. I am already seeing results from his training and I highly recommend working with him.
Frank Aziz
LinkedIn Expert


When I met Stephen Gregg I was experiencing significant difficulties in my business. I thought I knew better than anyone else, but still to no avail… business was terrible. Once I checked my ego and essentially surrendered to Stephen’s training, I began to notice results. As I continued to practice his techniques and implement them, without even realizing it I became #1 in my territory in just a few months.
Looking back, I can confidently acknowledge and give credit to Stephen for his impact on the single biggest year of personal growth I’ve experienced in my lifetime. He is a wealth of information and he practices what he preaches. No theory here, all practical and useful information of which is all backed by his own successes.
Matt Theriault


Every business owner is in sales whether they want to be or not. In owning businesses, I had figured out how to sell but not effectively or with confidence. When I met Stephen I knew I needed to learn the art of selling. Why did I choose Stephen? Because he doesn’t sell in a pushy, obnoxious way but with a heart for people and a true desire to help them succeed. He practices what he teaches and is exceptionally talented at coaching others to sell with integrity and confidence. His systems are so easy that I began making sales and increasing my business immediately. I am thankful to be in his coaching program and how my business will explode this year!


Stephen Gregg is a power coach. He employs simple techniques of engagement, empowerment and inspiration to start one on a path of transformation. A key factor with the success you achieve with Stephen is his innate ability to focus on establishing your vision, mission and core values. He is an effective teacher, listens for understanding and will challenge you to play the game at full speed all the time. You will discover the inner you, learn to take action, pause, reflect and stretch yourself to new levels of achievement.
Jay Massey

Working with Stephen was an absolute pleasure. He has been extremely attentive, polite, patient and has great attention for detail. We provided a very rough concept of what we wanted for a logo, and he was able to produce two concepts that we loved (in record time!), it was hard picking between the two. We are very pleased with the finished product and will definitely look to hire Stephen again. I highly recommend working with Stephen, we are certainly glad we did.
Joanne L. – Logo Design

Stephen was a pleasure to work with. He brought my concept to life and nailed the aesthetic I was going for. His turnaround time for revisions was exceptional and his pricing is extremely fair. Stephen is easy to communicate with, polite and goes the extra mile to make sure you are 100% happy with the end result. Highly recommend.
Steven S. – Logo Design

Stephen and his team completed everything I asked for and had great communication. They had a vision for my logo that makes it unique and specially designed.
Raymond M. – Logo Design

Stephen did a phenomenal job putting together our email newsletter. Very talented, always responsive and extremely cost efficient. We hired people in the past for over $100 an hour and Stephen was far more skilled for less than 1/2 of the cost. Definitely recommend!
Tom B. – Newsletter Design

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Stephen Is delightful to work with his work ethic is very strong meeting my deadline before it was due buy several days! Stephen worked almost night and day on my project and always went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied! My next project when it comes along will only be handled by him!
Edward P. – Facebook Business Page Design

The best experience, in terms of quality, communication, detail, creativity, that I have experienced on Upwork or anywhere else. Thank you Stephen for nailing this project. Expect more work to come!
Kevin L. – Character Designs

I hired Stephen for his expertise in graphic design in creating my logo. There were countless tweaks and changes and he demonstrated true professionalism throughout the process. I am out of my element in this dept. and he walked me thru the project, explaining steps and options with great patience. He always kept my budget in mind and provided me with logo in every file format there is, and in every color I needed to coordinate all my merchandise. He is well worth the $ spent and I am definitely utilizing him for my next project in designing packaging for my products in my e-commerce business. Thank you again Stephen and we will be in contact very soon!
Jamie J. – Logo & Graphics

I was very impressed by Stephen willingness to listen to what I wanted accomplished. He was always available to me in a reasonable amount of time. He was very friendly and did whatever it took to satisfy my expectations. I told him up front that I was new to working with graphic designers. Truthfully I was a bit nervous about getting involved with an out of state designer but Stephen answered all of my questions as we worked together.
Travis N. – Social Media Branding