Get unlimited technical and design tasks done by experienced programmers and designers for a flat monthly rate

How It Works

Learn a little more about Work Hero and how we work.


What is BSE WordPress Tasks?

We are a subscription service that offers unlimited web-related tasks. We help all types of online businesses.


How does BSE WordPress work?

We have teams that are experts in each of the service areas that we offer, and we optimize these teams to do tasks efficiently, and with great quality.


What kind of tasks could I ask?

You can ask for tasks like: a backup of your site, an opt-in landing page, an event reminder campaign, a designed pdf magnet, a facebook ad, a lead capture pop-up, a payment set-up, among others.


How do I request a task?

You can request your first free task by clicking on a “Get Started” button on our pages. There, you can choose a plan to start your 7-day free trial and have access to our platform!