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Hydration 4 Life – H20 Swag Team
Lead Attraction Workshop


REMINDER…If you have people on your team

Send them this link by email or text and encourage them to join this training… It will be life changing!

Mark your calendar:  

Training Date and Time:  Thursday, September 7th – 6 pm till 10 pm Pacific Standard Time

YOU WILL BE EMAILED THE Link and call in number before the event… check your email for details.
If you don’t receive it before the event.  Text Stephen Gregg at 714-814-6888 

Things to bring:

1.  Full note pad – White paper – blue ink pen

2.  Clear all distractions

3.  Make sure you have sound on your computer

4.  Mindset ready to learn


You’ll receive:

  • Video Copy of the event

  • Audio copy for you to listen to

  • Printed Copy of the powerpoint

  • Copy of my accountability system