If you are looking for World Class training for yourself or your company, look no further.  Stephen has developed a training system that is unmatched in the industry.

The 10 Step Sales Training system is best suited for the following:

  • Small to medium sized businesses with Outside Sales Teams
  • Entrepreneurs who go networking to generate their own leads
  • Outside Sales Professionals who generates their own leads
  • Companies who has an inside sales teams that sells over the phone
  • Companies who have inside sales teams who sell face to face
  • Network Marketing Companies

Types of Sales Professionals Who Will Benefit Most:

  1. Speakers
  2. Coaches
  3. Trainers
  4. Financial Advisers
  5. Insurance Agents
  6. Real Estate Agents/Brokers
  7. Real Estate Investors
  8. Car Sales Professionals
  9. Merchant Service Representatives
  10. Independent Business Owners
  11. Network Marketing Distributors

Stephen have wrapped 3 of his best training programs into 1 Powerful Training System so you can accomplish your goals fast.

Win Sales Now Program

The Win Sales Now program use to be a 6 month long training & mentoring program designed to help you learn the art of selling, marketing and lead generation so you can become a top producer in your company.  It’s now included in the 10 Step Sales Accelerator Business Builders BootCamp.

The Win Sale Now program has several moving parts:

  • Personal Coaching or Group Mentoring
  • Lead Generation System Development
  • Personal Branding
  • Accountability

This program is designed for everyone who wants to increase their sales immediately.  Stephen’s goal is to ensure success for everyone who goes through this program.  He only allows people who has a real burning desire to achieve their goals and make a difference in their life.

If you would like more information about the 10 Step Sales Accelerator Business Builders BootCamp, Contact Stephen for a FREE 1 Hour Strategy Session and he will give you all of the details.  

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The Event System

The Event System is designed for Speakers, Trainers, Business Owners and Sales People who want to host their own live events.

In this program, Stephen teaches you every aspect of how to become recognized as an Expert and how to grow your business locally and globally.  The elements inside of the Event System are:

  • Personal or Business Branding Strategy
  • How to structure your own events
  • How to craft a winning presentation
  • How to fill your events without spending a dime on marketing
  • How to pick the best Lead Automation System for your business
  • Sales and Closing Techniques

If you have ever wanted to grow your business and become the authority in your industry, the Event System is for you.  10 Step Sales Accelerator Business Builders BootCamp has the event system included.

  • You should have a business, product or Idea that you want to market through speaking events
  • You should have a desire to speak and the willingness to learn the art of presenting on stage.

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Lead Attraction System

The Lead Attraction System is designed for anyone who wants to master the art of networking and generating new business through networking.  Stephen is the Master Networker.  He has developed the most detailed and simple yet effective 5 step process to earning money virtually every time you go to a networking event.  Stephen has taught this strategy to people who have now earned millions of dollar in their businesses using these techniques and you can learn them also.

This program consist of:

  • Personal Branding Strategy, Design and Identity Development
  • 5 Step Magnetic Prospect Attraction System
  • Basic Online Lead Funnel System
  • Basic Lead Automation System
  • One on One Sales Coaching
  • Accountability Tracking System

If you are in outside sales or you go and generate your own business by networking, this program is a Must for you.  Stephen will teach you techniques that NO ONE will ever teach you and you will see amazing results.

Again, this is also included in the 10 Step Sales Accelerator Business Builders BootCamp.  If you would like more information about this program, book your FREE 1 Hour Strategy Session to get your questions answered.

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